Our programs and practices
offer deep insight into the inner landscape of leadership.

What to expect

InnerSections programs are highly experiential by design. They take place over five months, combining online sessions, interim practice opportunities and online coaching .

The interim period between gatherings serves as a real-time practice opportunity, allowing participants to test new behaviors with the one-on-one support of a faculty coach. In all sessions we work in whole-group, small-group and individual settings, and participants meet with the same cohort of executives across each of the gatherings. The programs are led by faculty with extensive organizational and corporate experience.

Learning Approach

While the Trusted Leaders and Trusted Spaces programs focus on different aspects of leadership, both share an emphasis on experiential learning and offer the following:

  • Personal reflection including journaling, dialogue, personalized inter-session assignments and readings
  • Coaching conversations with faculty to deepen session explorations, clarify priorities or explore leadership issues
  • Opportunities to practice in a safe and supportive retreat environment with new directions and refined approaches to persistent leadership challenges
  • Real-time assignments in which participants can actively engage in creating safe spaces in their sphere of leadership. Participants can test new approaches, set up small-scale experiments and share results with the cohort.
  • Honest, supportive and skilled guidance to help leaders inspire authentic engagement in the workplace

Upcoming Online Programs

Trusted Leaders

The Trusted Leaders program focuses on building individual trust through practices that deepen awareness and cultivate mastery in the complexity and opportunity of today’s leadership environment.

Trusted Spaces

Designed for teams of two or more, the Trusted Spaces program helps leaders develop settings that build trust across organizations, supporting authentic and committed participation and innovation.

Program Fees for Trusted Leaders and Trusted Spaces

Business and Nonprofits Rate: $4600
Small Nonprofits Rate: $3400

~If program cost is a barrier for your participation, please reach out to us.
For groups of three or more for the same organization, cost is $4,200 each.


Fees include:

  • All coursework and materials
  • One hour of coaching a month for five months
  • 1.5 hours of faculty-facilitated Affinity Group time per month for four months