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Trust is a Verb

Life, work and the way we work have been upended. Today, countries around the world are opening up. Possibilities are before us. In the next six months, we’ll encounter a number of turning points. Leaders, decision makers, visionaries: what will our choices say about us?

At InnerSections, we believe trust, rooted in presence, courage, capacity, and love, is essential for leadership. Trust is a consistent element in bringing vision to reality with a team. It is absolutely essential to effectively navigate all the changes taking place in our corporate environments.

We know this: trust is a verb. Intention and action are required to build real, durable trust. Its elements need to be understood, examined and practiced if we are to move forward and engage others over the long term.

Look Inward:
– How are you being mindful of the moving parts and possibilities before you?
– What about trusting others and being trusted allows your leadership to move vision to results?

Move Forward:
– Working remotely is here to stay. How will you inspire and shape your team?
– After all the business disruptions and personal changes this past year, we are coming out of a pandemic. How will your leadership express itself in this new era?

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