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Stepping Beyond the Chaos

I’m writing about stepping beyond the chaos. Can we? And if so, how do we do that?

We have three weeks until the election. As of the beginning of this week, COVID-19 cases are rising in many states. Businesses continue to close and furlough workers. And on a daily basis, we can’t get away from the truly unbelievable sound bites and news cycle. Nothing seems normal. What is real? Where is truth?

Don’t misread this: I’m not advocating for pretending everything is going to be OK if we do nothing, nor am I suggesting that it’s a good coping strategy to simply ignore the chaos. Instead, I’m advocating for taking the time to stop, to look inward, to look around – at yourself, at your co-workers, at those you manage, at those who are most impacted by your decisions – to make some honest assessments and then to move forward in a way that is honorable. Moving forward may mean stepping further into the chaos. It will likely mean facing difficult decisions. To be prepared, it’s important to start by looking inward. 

Over the past few months I’ve been exploring this theme of Look Inward / Move Forward. And true to how we operate at InnerSections, that exploration involves questions. Lots of questions. Pausing and asking questions before we respond, take a next step, or create a plan gives us the time and space to see more fully – not just ourselves but everyone in the picture. More importantly, it creates the opportunity to lead instead of just manage. That is a huge difference. 

Today, I’ll leave you with some of those questions to help you pause and begin the process of looking inward… as you mindfully and courageously prepare to move forward.

Questions for Looking Inward Before Moving Forward

  • What do you need today? Can you name it?
  • What is essential? We’ve had many months to consider this question. How do you answer today?
  • Who can you trust?
  • Who trusts you?
  • What is your responsibility to them?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Where does that searching come from?
  • Does it compound anxiety or bring hope for tomorrow?
  • How are kindness and compassion present with those you work with?
  • What’s holding you back from showing up as your true self?
  • How might honest connections and relationships transform your work environment, your day-to-day?
  • What does it look like to move forward together?
  • Where have you responded or moved ahead without first looking inward, and what was the result?
  • Who or what got left behind?
  • What is required of you to maintain space for something new to emerge?

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