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Reflections for the New Year

Happy New Year! While many of us were anxious to put 2020 in the past, let’s remember the importance of looking inward before moving forward. As we move forward from this unprecedented year, let’s also take the time and space to reflect on the lessons learned. 
Look Inward, Move Forward: 

  • What lessons were you forced to learn in the past year that you want to carry with you into the year ahead?
  • Where were you able to take the challenges of 2020 and see them as opportunities?
  • What new rhythms did you develop in the last year? Which of those do you want to keep, which do you want to interrupt? 
  • Based on your actions and choices, what were your priorities over the past year? Were those in line with how you view yourself? How will your priorities shift in 2021? 

More Perspectives