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We talk about presence quite a bit in our programs. And for good reason…some of which isn’t so obvious when we first bring up the topic.

When we show up—whether it is at work or with neighbors or friends and family—completely as we are, we take a huge risk. Will we be judged? Mocked? Followed? Liked? The fear of being judged and the need to be liked has hit some all-time highs and that has made us distant from ourselves. In many ways we abandon our selves for a version we think will be better received by others and safer for our egos and souls.

And in doing all of that posing and positioning, we lose track of what we are truly feeling and thinking and then it is easy to get knocked off course in a steady, streaming, swirling mass of hype and reactivity.

What to do? Especially right now.

When we step beyond the masks and expectations and…let’s go a few more steps, moving beyond the roles and titles we hide behind…we get back to simply being ourselves.

And here is the amazing thing that happens then: when we are honest with ourselves about the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, others can actually see us more clearly.

Others see us.

And, when we stop the pretending and hiding, we actually have the energy and awareness to really see others.

Why is that important?

When we can see and be seen we can actually have more substantive and compassionate connections. And we desperately need those honest connections right now.

 For today, some questions to consider…

– What would happen if you stepped beyond the likes and expectations and stepped into the bad, good, beautiful and ugly? How would that change you?

 – What do you need today?

  – How might you strengthen your connections in ways that are more substantive and compassionate?

There are lots of examples—before this time we are in now—about individuals and communities becoming their better versions because of challenge and crisis.

The more we are ourselves, the better we can see one another and respond in ways that matter, that make a difference and are life-giving.

We are in this together.

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