Greg Eaton

Greg Eaton

Trust is a Verb

Life, work and the way we work have been upended. Today, countries around the world are opening up. Possibilities are before us. In the next six months, we’ll encounter a number of turning points. Leaders, decision makers, visionaries: what will our choices say about us? At InnerSections, we believe trust, rooted in presence, courage, capacity, and …

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Reflections for the New Year

Happy New Year! While many of us were anxious to put 2020 in the past, let’s remember the importance of looking inward before moving forward. As we move forward from this unprecedented year, let’s also take the time and space to reflect on the lessons learned. Look Inward, Move Forward:  What lessons were you forced to …

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Stepping Beyond the Chaos

I’m writing about stepping beyond the chaos. Can we? And if so, how do we do that? We have three weeks until the election. As of the beginning of this week, COVID-19 cases are rising in many states. Businesses continue to close and furlough workers. And on a daily basis, we can’t get away from …

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Me. You. Us?

Me. You. Us? So much of our culture shapes us to excel and to focus on ourselves. Whether it is school or family or advertising or sports or work it so often boils down to individual accomplishments and achievement. All of those messages from so many places then create some serious anxiety, fear, and competition. …

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We talk about presence quite a bit in our programs. And for good reason…some of which isn’t so obvious when we first bring up the topic. When we show up—whether it is at work or with neighbors or friends and family—completely as we are, we take a huge risk. Will we be judged? Mocked? Followed? …

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